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Sony’s Edge Storage Solution for IP Security Cameras


32GB, 64GB and 128GB SR-VM and SR-WM series microSD memory cards. Longer lifespan and card diagnostics make microSD card ideal for heavy-use IP security camera recordings.
Sony’s longer-life SR-VM and SR-WM series microSD memory cards are ideal for use with IP security cameras. Since microSD cards are overwritten repeatedly during video recording on IP security cameras, their lifespan tends to be shorter compared to other applications. Sony’s micoSD cards incorporate high endurance flash memory designed to last longer than low-cost consumer microSD cards. Combined with maintenance notification safeguards and a card diagnostic tool, the cards are ideal for heavy-duty use.

The SR-VM series cards come in three sizes: 32GB(SR-32VMA & SR-32VM), 64GB(SR-64VMA & SR-64VM) and 128GB(SR-G1VMA & SR-G1VM) and are designed for use at regular operational temperatures (-25ºC~85ºC).

The SR-WM series cards come in three sizes: 32GB(SR-32WMA & SR-32WM), 64GB(SR-64WMA & SR-64WM) and 128GB(SR-G1WMA & SR-G1WM) and are designed for use at wider operational temperatures (-45ºC~85ºC).
Longer lifespan professional microSD cards
Sony has combined its expertise in flash memory cards with its camera experience to create a microSD card ideal for IP security camera applications. Adoption of high endurance MLC NAND flash memory extends the card's lifespan by approximately 10 times longer than consumer microSD card with TLC NAND flash memory*.
* This estimation is based on the condition where the recording video bit rate is 4Mbps. The actual lifespan may vary depending on the IP security camera used and other factors.
Lifespan Notification* safeguards against sudden stops of recording
Lifespan Notification safeguards against sudden stops of recording due to reaching to the limit of rewriting cycles when it's time to be replaced.
* This function works with compatible IP security camera products only.
Card diagnostic tool for trouble-shooting
The card diagnostic tool (SD Card Info Viewer) is useful for trouble-shooting with the cards. The free to download software allows you to check the card status in detail when you encounter recording errors. The software is available when you purchase the SR-VM and SR-WM series microSD cards and can be downloaded from a Sony's support site*.

* Download from:


Regular Operation Temperature Model:
SR-32VMA & SR-32VM: 32GB
SR-64VMA & SR-64VM: 64GB

Wide Operation Temperature Model
SR-32WMA & SR-32WM: 32GB
SR-64WMA & SR-64WM: 64GB
Speed Class
UHS Bus Speed
UHS-I (SDR104)
UHS Speed Class
Video Speed Class
Not supported
Seq. Read speed (Max.)
Seq. Write speed (Max.)
Lifespan Notification
Operation Temp.
Regular Operation Temperature Model: -25℃~+85℃
Wide Operation Temperature Model: -40℃~+85℃
SR-32VMA & SR-32VM: 68TB
SR-64VMA & SR-64VM: 137TB

SR-32WMA & SR-32WM: 68TB
SR-64WMA & SR-64WM: 137TB
SR-32VMA & SR-64VMA & SR-G1VMA & SR-32WMA & SR-64WMA & SR-G1WMA: SD card adapter

SR-32VM & SR-64VM & SR-G1VM & SR-32WM & SR-64WM & SR-G1WM: -
*Only difference between SR-xxA and SR-xx is accessory (SD card adapter)