BKPF-L606 (BKPFL606)Discontinued

Audio/Video Demultiplexer Board.


The BKPF-L606 is an audio/video demultiplexer board that extract AES/EBU format digital audio signals from a multiplexed 525/625 component serial or NTSC composite
serial digital video signal.

A single BKPF-L606 board will extract two AES/EBU stereo pairs (four audio channels).
Up to eight AES/EBU stereo pairs (16 audio channels) can be separated from a 525/625 component serial digital video signal by cascading four BKPF-L606 boards. The BKPF-L606 distributes an input serial digital video signal to four outputs and each of two extracted AES/EBU stereo pairs to four outputs.

The BKPF-L Series function boards install in the PFV-L Series Interface Units in any combination with other BKPF-L Series function boards.
Demultiplexes two AES/EBU stereo from a 525/625 component or NTSC composite serial digital video signal.


Up to 16 individual audio channels demultiplexed by cascading two boards.
One serial digital input with an active loop-through output.
Four serial digital distribution outputs.
Four AES/EBU stereo outputs.
Channel swap capabilities.
Audio Group assignment selectable with on-board switch.
EDH monitoring and insertion.