BKPF-L612 (BKPFL612)Discontinued

Two-channel SDI distribution board


The BKPF-L612 is a two-input SDI distribution amplifier board, distributing each input to four outputs. It accepts any component or composite serial digital video signal.

The BKPF-L612 can operate at bit rates of up to 540 Mbps (143, 177, 270, 360 and 540 Mbps serial formats) and can be used for DVB/ASI signal distribution.

By installing dual, one input - four outputs distribution amplifier boards, like the BKPF-L612, into a PFV-L10 interface unit, a high packing density distribution amplifier unit can be built up.

The BKPF-L Series function boards install in the PFV-L Series Interface Units in any combination with other BKPF-L Series function boards.
Two 525/625 component serial digital or NTSC/PAL composite serial digital video inputs.


Four equalized and reclocked distribution outputs from each input.
Auto selection of 143, 177, 270, 360 and 540 Mbps serial formats (manual selection also available with on-board switch)
High-quality 10-bit signal processing.
Automatic equalization for output cable lengths of up to 150m/200 m (at 540 Mbps/360, 270, 177, 143 Mbps with Belden 8281, Fujikura 5C2V or equivalent cable)
Accepts DVB/ASI signals.
SDI input presence lamp.