BKPF-L632 (BKPFL632)Discontinued

Monitoring Composite Encoder Board.


The BKPF-L632 is 525/625 component serial digital to NTSC/PAL composite analog encoder board. It has two component inputs, and provides three distribution outputs from each input. Either 525 or 625-line input signals can be converted and encoded to NTSC/PAL composite analog video signals. 8-bit processing is used to provide output signals suitable for picture monitoring purposes.

The BKPF-L632 is an ideal system integration component, meeting the need to provide multi-channel picture monitoring in video systems.

The BKPF-L Series function boards install in the PFV-L Series Interface Units in any combination with other BKPF-L Series function boards.
Two 525/625 component serial digital inputs with active loop-through.


Converts and distributes each input signal to three NTSC/PAL composite analog outputs.
Accepts either 525-line or 625-line signals with auto selection function (manual selection also available with on-board switch).
7.5 IRE setup ON/OFF selectable for 525-line signals.
8-bit processing for monitoring purpose.
SDI input presence lamp.
-5 V warning lamp.