BKPF-L752 (BKPFL752)Discontinued

Audio D to A Converter Board.


The BKPF-L752 is a dual channel digital audio to analog audio converter board. It converts each of two AES/EBU stereo-digital input signals into two monaural analog audio signals at a resolution of 24 bits/sample at 48 kHz. A de-emphasis function is provided.

The BKPF-L Series function boards install in the PFV-L Series Interface Units in any combination with other BKPF-L Series function boards.
Converts AES/EBU digital signals to analog audio signals.


24 bits conversion at 48 kHz sampling frequency.
Dual AES/EBU inputs are each output as two analog signals.
De-emphasis ON/OFF selectable with on-board switch.
AES/EBU channel status lamp.
±12 V warning lamp.