BKS-R3219A (BKSR3219A)Discontinued

Universal Control Unit


The BKS-R3219 universal control unit controls matrix cross points in routers connected to an S-BUS system. The BKS-R3219 also controls the monitoring output of routers that have this facility.
Source and destination switching is performed with 32 buttons, whose functions are pre-defined with the control terminal connected to the primary station of the S-BUS system. The monitoring signal can also be selected as a destination signal.
The shallow depth of the unit makes it easy to accommodate the BKS-R3219 in front of a desk-mounted switcher control panel.


Router control in S-BUS systems
Fully compliant with expanded S-BUS systems
Free assignment of sources/destinations to each button via BZR-2000 Router System Set-up Software
Improved monitor function for the selection of destinations
Alternate source switching using Chop function
Sources selectable to levels
Large selector buttons show source and destination name. Status shown by button color
Several crosspoints switchable with a single button (Phantom function)
Route function for expanded sources
Number of sources and destinations controlled expandable with additional units
Control bridge between RS-422A (cart+ protocol) and S-BUS
Easy ROM update
Single cable connection
Reduced depth helps in desk mounting applications