BZR-2000 (BZR2000)Discontinued

Routing Switcher Control Software


BZR-2000 software is “the complete router control kit”, allowing full configuration, operation and
maintenance of an S-BUS system from a single PC terminal. Operating using Windows 95/98 or Windows NT, the software provides multiple graphic display windows for easy operation and
management. A full drag-and-drop facility for the configuration of different routing system devices; panels, routing switchers, UMDs, etc., allows multiple data bases to be saved for alternative configurations. This feature is particularly useful when the facilities of an OB vehicle are regularly used for several different series of productions. BZR-2000 can be interfaced to a routing switcher either via the RS-232 terminal of a PC, or as a secondary station using an optional BKS-R5001 S-BUS interface board installed in the same PC. An optional BKV-100 overlay board installed in the PC provides in-picture monitoring of sources and destinations within the routing system.


Installs in a PC for rapid setting up and on-line status monitoring of a Sony routing system
Operates on a PC running Windows 95/98 or Windows NT/2000
Full on-line and off-line modes
Allows for the saving of multiple data bases for different system configurations
Drag-and-drop operation
Multiple window operation
Restricted user access via various system rights
Operates either via RS-232C or using a BKS-R5001 S-BUS board mounted in a PC
Optional BKV-100 PC overlay board for monitoring of routing system sources and destinations