RYZ-CU164 (RYZCU164)Discontinued

64-channel control unit for Sonic Surf VR


The RYZ-CU164 control unit/audio processor is exclusively designed for the creation of virtual acoustic environments with the Sonic Surf VR system.

The RYZ-CU164 controls up to 64 discrete audio channels (8x RYZ-AS108 multi-channel active speaker) via RJ-45 network interface. It distributes audio and power to each RYZ-AS108 unit using standard Ethernet cabling, simplifying installation time and effort.

The control unit receives 64-channel audio data from RYZ-PSW player software installed on a PC workstation. Up to three RYZ-CU164 control units can be connected per workstation (totalling 192 audio channels per workstation).

Sonic Surf VR combines state-of-the-art audio processing with advanced multi-channel speaker technology to create spatial, dynamic soundscapes. Ideal for theme parks, exhibitions, museums, planetariums and corporate showrooms, Sonic Surf VR adds an exciting new dimension to today’s immersive entertainment experiences. Discrete sound sources create a dynamic sense of movement, with sounds that appear to move convincingly across, around or towards the listener.

Note: RYZ-CU164 operation also requires RYZ-AS108 multi-channel active speaker and RYZ-PSW Player Software installed on a PC workstation plus appropriate subscription (RYZ-SL series).


Audio processor /control unit for Sonic Surf VR
Distributes audio and power to multiple RYZ-AS108 multi-channel active speaker units through standard Ethernet connection.
Control up to 192 audio channels
Up to three RYZ-CU164 control units can be connected to a workstation running RYZ-PSW player software, totalling 192 discrete audio channels per workstation.


Speaker Output
8 x RJ-45 [only CAT5e or CAT6 supported]
MADI Input
1 x BNC Coax, 1 x Optical [SC female] *1
MADI Output
1 x BNC Coax, 1 x Optical [SC female] *1
1 x BNC Coax
1x BNC Coax
PC Intercede
1 x RJ-45
Dip Switch
Setting CU# [01-16]
On / Off
75Ω termination
Power requirement
AC 100V – 240V
Power consumption
Rated 100W / Maximum 180W
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Body: 424 x 87 x 365 [mm]
with Detachable leg: 424 x 105 x 365 [mm]
with Rackmount bracket : 482 x 87 x 387 [mm]
6.2 [kg]
Operating temperature / humidity
5~50℃ / 20~80%
Storage temperature / humidity
-20~60℃ / 20~80%
Supplied accessories
Supplied accessories
2 x L-shape bracket and installation screws