NUCLeUS™: Our powerful, scalable, video-over-IP platform

Inside the OR, across the campus and beyond

NUCLeUS™ is designed to adapt and evolve to the demand of the new digital OR

Our powerful, scalable video-over-IP platform is independent of device, format and resolution – handing high resolution sources from a wide range of modality manufacturers on a centralised server, allowing you to build a bespoke system focussed on the demands of your customer.It’s the powerful, scalable video-over-IP platform that’s ready for tomorrow. NUCLeUSTM handles high resolution sources from a wide range of modality manufacturers on a centralised server, allowing you to build a bespoke system focussed on the demands of your customer.

NUCLeUSTM is designed to address the challenges of the dynamic digital OR of today and tomorrow – it allows for streaming and recording of high quality audio and video, but with low footprint inside the OR using video switching and routing capabilities. The solution is built on a vendor neutral IP platform addressing the challenge of future proofing and maintenance. Its annotation and telestration features make it the perfect teaching aid and to sync with the world beyond OR – a growing list of supporting smart apps.

From OR to auditorium

  • View real time or recorded content
  • High audio and video quality

Between operating rooms

  • Low latency, real-time streaming
  • High audio and video quality

From OR to desktop

  • View content from any source, any time
  • Data is encrypted for greater security
  • Secure client login
  • Easy user group and access management

NUCLeUS™ streamlines surgical workflow at UZ Leuven

UZ Leuven is one of Belgium’s leading teaching hospitals. It is also a front-runner in realising the vision of a smart digital Operation Room (OR). Today clinical teams at UZ Leuven perform thousands of surgical interventions every year with the assistance of NUCLeUSTM.

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Scalable. Flexible. Future-proof.

NUCLeUSTM accommodates all your imaging modalities, so you’re not tied to a single hardware vendor. Video and audio in a wide range of formats are distributed in real time over secure, low-latency IP connections. NUCLeUSTM scales smoothly to meet any hospital’s growing needs and integrates with hospital information systems, OR planning systems and DICOM work lists for a smooth, seamless workflow across campus.

Intuitive switching and control

The intuitive touchscreen interface has been designed in consultation with leading surgeons, enabling smoother workflow and reducing information overload in today’s busy Operating Rooms. Image routing and viewing options are enriched with a wide range of display modes including full screen, picture-in-picture and multi-split, enabling smoother workflow through all phases of a surgical intervention, from planning to intervention to post-operative review.

Intelligent content management for documentation and education

NUCLeUSTM plays a powerful role in managing hospitals’ video content for improved documentation and educational purposes. All OR video sources can be captured simultaneously – in any combination of formats and resolutions – plus seamless integration with patient data. Content is stored centrally on hospital servers for ‘any place, any time’ secure access and retrieval. Video assets can be retrieved on demand for consultation or teaching purposes, with links to PACS or Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) as well as metadata such as patient ID, timings and the surgeon’s name.

Hospital integration

NUCLeUSTM communicates with the entire hospital using the DICOM and HL7 standards, providing input to the hospital PACS and multimedia archives and generating a wide gamut of surgical information which can be combined with the Electronic Patient Record (EPR).

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Real-time video communication

NUCLeUSTM annotation and telestration features allow you to exchange real-time video content with colleagues to inform better decision making. Or reach outside the hospital and share an accurate visual record of surgical interventions at meetings, conferences and lectures.

Implementing IT best practice

NUCLeUSTM is architected and built around best IT industry practice – ensuring a secure, resilient and flexible environment for handling patient-related data in the operating room and across hospital networks. Flexibility to adopt latest hospital policies on antivirus, malware and user authentication is fully supported.

Supported by smart apps with real time image processing features



Vascularisation filter

Sophisticated pattern recognition identifies structures and colours that are typically indicative of vessels and veins.

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Rotation correction

Compensates for shifts in orientation of video from a handheld surgical endoscopic camera due to movements of the surgeon’s hand position. Video remains stable and correctly oriented, irrespective of rotational movements.

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