HD multipoint connection unit


HD multipoint connection unit with support pack
The PCS-VCS90SP is an HD Multipoint Connection Unit, fully compliant with the H.323 protocol, which allows easy expansion for videoconferences of up to 500 sites in HD quality video. It allows for multiple screen layout, with up to 16 splits and features continuous presence mode with voice activated switching. The unit supports mixed HD/SD environments. The package is configured with 90 licences.
Stunning HD images
The PCS-XG80 adopts the H.264 video codec to bring you smooth and natural high-definition (HD) images at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.


Up to 90 licences
The Multipoint Connection Unit package configuration allows for up to 90 licences.
Expand videoconferences to 500 sites
The PCS-VCS90SP allows videoconference connections to up to 500 sites.
Supports both HD and SD
The PCS-VCS90SP supports high definition as well as standard definition environments.
Multiple screen layout
The Multipoint Connection Unit allows for up to 16 screen splits.
Complies with H.323 protocol
The PCS-VCS90SP is in complete compliance with the H.323 protocol.
Comes with a support pack
The PCS-VCS90SP comes with a support pack.