Projectors for museums

Immersive visuals for museums and galleries

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Museums and galleries have traditionally been home to static artworks and exhibits. Now it’s time to satisfy visitors’ passion for more dynamic, immersive experiences with our projectors. Choose long-lasting laser or lamp options for brilliant pictures, consistent reliability and low operating costs.

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Inspiring every visitor

Our installation-friendly projectors fill gallery spaces and entrances with colourful, richly detailed images. Impressive brightness and contrast assure rich, vivid colours with lustrous highlights, subtle mid-tones and deep blacks – and no need to dim the room lights. 

The art of installation

Ordinary projectors can limit your installation options. With Sony, there’s greater creative freedom to create breathtaking visual exhibits that break the rules. Mount our bright, reliable laser projectors at any angle – even on their side or upside down. Project accurately-proportioned images onto curved walls or surfaces. Seamless edge blending makes it easy to combine images from multiple projectors for high-impact visuals on the most dramatic scale.


Always the dependable choice

Enjoy up to 20,000 hours* of virtually zero maintenance operation with our laser light source projectors that eliminate the costly risk of sudden lamp failures. There’s also an automated filter system that reduces the need for regular dust cleaning. Minimal maintenance is complemented by energy-saving features that drive down total lifetime ownership costs.

*Actual hours may vary depending on usage environment.

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