Sonic Surf VR

Immersive spatial audio solution. With a new dimension of reality

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Enrich your creative imagination with Sonic Surf VR – and sculpt exciting new immersive audio experiences in galleries, museums, visitor attractions and corporate showrooms. Position multiple sound sources with pinpoint precision to create an immersive, richly-textured dynamic soundspace that’s startlingly real. Powerful, intuitive software makes it easy to create and control complex sound environments in a wide range of commercial and entertainment applications.

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Sound comes alive

Sonic Surf VR combines state-of-the-art audio processing with an advanced multi-channel speaker technology to create spatial, dynamic soundscapes. Ideal for theme parks, exhibitions, museums, planetariums and corporate showrooms, Sonic Surf VR transforms sound design, bringing powerful new creative possibilities to visitor attraction specialists and AV installers.

Position individual sound sources to enhance what’s happening on screen. Create a dynamic sense of movement without headphones, with sounds that appear to move convincingly across, around or towards the listener. Audio is remarkably crisp, clear and lifelike thanks to the advanced multi-speaker array and powerful digital processing.

Speak everyone's language

Sonic Surf VR lets you offer ‘headphone-free’ multi language audio commentary for visitors to museums, galleries and theme park attractions. Powerful partitioning effects focus individual audio sources on specific locations, with less interference. So your audience can clearly hear the commentary in one language while standing on a particular location, or shift a few paces and hear a totally different language – with no need for clumsy headphones or audio guides.

Simple, intuitive, and ready to go

Sonic Surf VR is refreshingly intuitive and easy to use – with all hardware and software included to start exploring new creative possibilities. Specify the precise position and dynamic trajectory of multiple audio objects with the Sonic Surf VR Authoring application. Manage playout, speaker configuration and system status with the Player/Venue assist application.

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