A-1865-788-A (A1865-788-A)

PMW-F3 modification kit for small size 3D rigs and Steadicam


Reduced-sized side plate kit for close interaxial alignment
The A-1865-788-A modification kit for the PMW-F3K/L Super 35mm CineAlta camcorder improves its flexibility, weight and handling on 3D rigs. The modification kitis designed for small-size 3D rigs such as the 3ality Technica TS5 3D rig. It is also good for Steadicam operation or when two PMW-F3 cameras need to be aligned closely together. Each kit includes parts to equip one PMW-F3.

Only available through Sony Service channels

The 3D modifications can only be done via Accredited Service Partners or Sony Specialist Dealers that offer the service.

Additional information
With the small-size 3D modification kit, the PMW-F3 has a number of functions disabled. These are:
AUDIO CH1/CH2 In and Out connectors
ASSIGN 8 buttons
REC START/STOP button on the grip
ZOOM Rocker