A-1865-789-A (A1865-789-A)

PMW-F3 modification kit for medium-sizerigs and Steadicam


Cheese and side panel kit for medium-size 3D rigs
The A-1865-789-A modification kit for the PMW-F3K/L Super 35mm CineAlta camcorder improves its flexibility, weight and handling on 3D rigs. The modification kit is designed for medium-size 3D rigs such as the 3ality Technica Pulsar 3D rig, Stereotec 3D rigs, SwissRIG, P+S Technik 3D rigs, and others. With reduced weight and easy handling, the modification is also good for Steadicam operation and for the close alignment of cameras on 3D rigs, when the SCL-Z18X140 zoom lens is not required. Each kit includes parts to equip one PMW-F3.

Only available through Sony Service channels

The 3D modifications can only be done via Accredited Service Partners or Sony Specialist Dealers that offer the service.

Additional information

With the medium-size 3D modification kit, the PMW-F3 has a number of functions disabled. These are:
ASSIGN 6 & 7 & 8 buttons
REC START/STOP button on the handle
Shoulder strap holder
Mic holder
Front and rear tally lamps
IR remote
Headphone (stereo mini jack)
Front and rear accessory shoe
AUDIO CH1/CH2 In and Out connectors
ZOOM Rocker