RM-30BP (RM30BP)

Remote Commander
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The RM-30BP is the successor to the RM-1000BP, the industry’s first comprehensive, multifunctional remote commander.

Ideal for freelancers and small-budget productions, the lightweight remote can be handheld, placed on a table or attached to a tripod arm for operation. The RM-30BP can control most camera functions including:

• Lens control: one push auto / manual focus, iris and zoom control
• Camera control: recording / display functions, shutter speed, white balance - including six assignable buttons
• Playback and multi camera control (up to 3 cameras)

The RM-30BP can also be connected to the new MCX-500 for multi camera control directly from the switcher, and is compatible with the HXR-NX5R and PXW-FS7 v4.0, with plans to introduce compatibility for other Sony camcorders.


Specifications are tentative and subject to change.
Dimensions (Approx.)
82.5x34x174.5mm (WxHxD)
Except for the maximum protrusion
Weight (Approx.)
290g (Body only)
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
Power consumption
0.2W below
Power-supply voltage
4.2~6.0 v ;supplied from Camcorders
CAMERA x3 / 2.5mm TRS Plug
REMOTE x1 / 2.5mm TRS Jack
OPTION x1 / 3.5mm TRS Jack