PC Videoconferencing Endpoint Software


This easy-to-use endpoint software allows remote connection from a Windows PC to video conferences hosted on a server running Sony PCS-VCS Series Visual Communication Server Software.

Join virtual meetings from anywhere: at home, in hotels or a temporary office. Share voice, video and PC documents with crisp picture and sound quality.

PCS-EP3 includes license for up to 3 users.
PCS-EP10 includes license for up to 10 users.

PCS-EP must be purchased together with appropriate Support Pack (PCS-EP3SP or PCS-EP10SP).

Operation requires broadband IP connection and Windows PC with embedded Web camera or external USB camera (available separately).


Join meetings from any location
This easy to use software turns your Windows PC into a remote conferencing endpoint. Take part in virtual meetings from any location where there’s a broadband connection available.
High quality video and audio communications
See and hear other conference participants with crisp picture quality and clear sound. Video quality up to HD 720p is supported (dependent on PCS-VCS Series Visual Communication Server Software).
Easy data sharing
Simultaneously stream video, voice and what’s on your PC screen. Even share PowerPoint presentations with other remote participants running PC endpoint software.
Presence management with contact list
Easily view status of your contacts to see who’s online, busy, or offline. Just click to call a contact or meeting.

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