Remote-control panel for HDC/HSC/HXC series cameras
Image of the following product: RCP-3500


The RCP-3500 is the successor model for RCP-1500 while keeping the same dimensions and the same basic functions.

The RCP-3500 remote control panel incorporates a brighter LCD display with direct operation switches and a touch panel, visibility improved by higher resolution and brighter LCD device which makes it a remote-control panel that offers both ease of operation and multi-functionality that compares favorably with the MSU. The iris and master black adjustment block employs joystick type control. Up to four units can be mounted in a 19-inch EIA rack.


Touch panel and many direct access switches suitable for various camera operations

This remote control panel is equipped with the control functions required to perform various camera operations enabling the simple and accurate operation of various functions. The operation buttons, adjustment knobs, and other controls are arranged on the panel according to function and frequency of use. Guard frames are provided around buttons that are vital to the operation and setup of cameras to prevent the buttons from being unintentionally operated.

Assignable keys

The RCP-3500 has 9 keys assigned with variety of functions. A spare LED can be also assigned to indicate functioning. All the assigned buttons and LEDs can be listed on the display for easy understanding at a glance.

LAN connection capability

It is possible to connect by LAN cable in addition to connecting using CCA-5 cable. The system can be built using a 1000Base-T LAN connection with PoE support. 

Customizable switches

Users can assign any function to the 9 assignable buttons and also make their own favorite menu as well. This is available via SW Customize menu with the categorized items.

HDR operation support

The RCP-3500 supports the HDR related File Names of "All-Setting-File" of HDRC-4000 that can be organized on the RCP's display panel.
The SR Live MetaFile is also supported with HDRC-4000 to link the HDR metadata in addition to SDI connection path.

USB flash drive

The RCP's settings can be saved or loaded via USB flash drive. CAM/CCU/BPU Scene files/Reference files can also be saved, and for the HDRC-4000's HDR Production Converter Unit the All Setting file can be saved.

Direct Scene file control

Easily access Scene file to support various scene setting.

Web UI application

Allows convenient remote operation for RCP initial settings from a remote networked PC with intuitive user interface (UI).*

* Feature available at later date.