Bravia BZ50L Display screens showing high-definition images


Experience absolute picture quality with Sony’s flagship professional 4K display with Sony XR processing.

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Supreme picture quality and brightness in our largest screen size

It’s BRAVIA at its brightest and biggest. Designed to perform flawlessly in demanding professional environments, super-size 98” BRAVIA BZ50L boasts cutting-edge technology and installation-friendly features. With 780 nit brightness, cinematic colour, contrast and a huge viewing angle plus doubled memory to store more apps and content, it’s the 4K HDR professional display that’s bigger in every way.

Spectacular 780 nit brightness, and more

Brighter is better. In busy retail showrooms or corporate lobbies, 98” BRAVIA shines with an extraordinary 780 nit screen brightness that can’t be missed, even in light-flooded spaces. Full Array Local Dimming boosts peak brightness further still to an eye-popping 1500 nits.

Superior pictures, always
Bravia BZ50L screen showing a clear, bright motion image
High refresh rate

98” BRAVIA sports a 4K 120Hz panel, teamed with XR Motion Clarity and Motionflow XR to express fast paced on-screen movement with unprecedented smoothness, clarity and realism.

Bravia BZ50L screen with high definition city scape
Richer, more lifelife colour

XR Triluminos Pro colour technology expresses an even wider palette of exquisitively lifelike hues and tones, thanks to Sony’s unique Cognitive Processor XR processor.

Cognitive Processor XR™

The world’s first picture processor with cognitive intelligence understands how humans really see the world. 98″ BRAVIA with Cognitive Processor XR™ opens up an unprecedented viewing experience that immerses you even more deeply in the scene.

XR Colour logo

Discover an even wider palette of beautifully natural colours with extended hue and saturation, vivid shades and realistic textures.

XR Clarity logo

Cognitive Processor XR™ accesses vast amounts of picture data, intelligently recreating lost details and texture with upscaled image sources.

XR Motion logo

XR Motion Clarity™ analyses scene data to ensure on-screen action stays smooth, bright and clear without blur, even in fast-moving scenes.

XR Contrast logo

With XR Contrast Booster bright areas are brighter and dark areas darker, adding depth to scenes without lost highlights or shadow details.

Professionally designed for flexible installation

Other so-called professional displays are little more than televisions with a few additional features thrown in as an afterthought. 98” BRAVIA is engineered from the ground up for quicker, easier, more flexible installation in retail and corporate environments.

Bravia BZ50L Back view
Lighten the load

98” BRAVIA BZ50L weighs around 20kg less than the previous 100” 100BZ40J model, lightening the load on installation teams.

Bravia BZ50L screen carry handle
Safer carrying

Ergonomically positioned lower horizontal levels are easy to grab, making lifting easier and more comfortable.

Front facing image of BRAVIA screen in its packing standing vertically
Easier access

The ability to carry BRAVIA vertically (portrait style) gives easier access for elevators and stairways.

Side mounted terminal for all signal connections
Side mounted terminals

All signal connections – including audio, video, networking, control and USB ports – are mounted on the side of the display to simplify installation.

Corner image of BZ50L with small SONY logo
Subtle logo positioning

The Sony logo is discreetly positioned on the edge of the display’s beautifully slim 20mm bezel. So there’s nothing to distract your audience from immersive, super-size images.

Image showing landscape and portrait screen options
Portrait and tilt

Install BRAVIA in portrait or landscape orientation to suit any corporate or retail space, with a tilt range over -15 to +20 degrees for even greater flexibility.

Robust Usability

The BRAVIA FW-98BZ50L contains a host of useful functions for business, such as purpose driven applications and setting customization to make daily work more efficient.

Screen showing easy to use settings for BZ50L

Professional Settings

BRAVIA makes doing business even easier, allowing you to fine-tune settings to suit the demands of corporate or retail environments. Disable input or remote control functions, remove labels and block buttons to avoid tampering when the screen’s being used in public spaces. Customise and store display settings, then copy them easily from display to display via USB flash memory.

Simple signage

Informing and guiding visitors with digital signage in retail stores and corporate spaces has never been easier. On-board BRAVIA Signage Free (BSF) software automatically plays out HTML content, video and photos copied onto a USB stick memory when it’s slipped into BRAVIA. It’s that simple.

BZ50L in car showroom entrance with product on display
Google Meet logo
Meet more easily

Get Google Meet from Google Play Store, and pair BRAVIA with a compatible webcam for easy video meetings on the big 98” screen.

Apple Air Play and Chromecast logo
Simple screen mirroring

Easily mirror content wirelessly from your own handheld device onto BRAVIA with in-built support for Apple AirPlay and Google Chromecast.

HTML5 logo
Flexible content layout

In-built support for HTML5 lets you use BRAVIA to display interactive signage content without needing a dedicated set-top box, media player or PC. On-screen content can be freely laid out using 4K video, still images or even with the HDMI input.

Get great pictures fast

Forget fiddling with display settings – focus on getting amazing results without fuss. One Step Setting offers presets tuned to your environment including meeting room, vivid signage, natural signage and graphics. Just pick a preset: BRAVIA instantly configures picture mode, input, control settings and more.

BZ50L in large open plan reception space with high definition display
32GB image

Large 32GB internal storage

The internal memory on some other displays is eaten up by the operating system, leaving little space for your own apps and content. 98” BRAVIA doubles internal storage from 16GB to a generous 32GB – giving loads more room on board to hold apps, photos, videos and digital signage.

Sustainability in every scene

With growing demand for ever larger display screens, there is also the risk of greater resource and energy use. However, Sony’s sustainability commitments are realising efficiency gains from product development right through to watching TV and viewing screens.

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Image of Sony screen with a forest in the background.