4K Cinema Projectors

Sony Digital Cinema offers the only 4K projection solution that works on any size of cinema screen – from less than 10m right up to 24m+. Give audiences the thrill of detail-packed 4K pictures with industry-leading 10000:1 contrast ratio plus incredible clarity in 2D or smooth, lifelike 3D. Our easy to manage 4K cinema projectors offer reliable operation, simple maintenance and low running costs thanks to an advanced light source system that cuts the risk of dark screens.

Why go 4K with Sony Digital Cinema?

Going to the movies has never looked better. With Sony Digital Cinema you’ll enjoy pictures projected with detail-packed 4K quality. Learn about what makes Sony 4K so special. Discover the secret of our market-leading 4K projectors and hear what our customers say about 4K.

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FINITY: Premium big-screen pictures that cinema audiences love

FINITY is our complete solution for Premium Large Format screens. It combines Sony’s high brightness 4K dual projection systems with an exclusive package of branding and marketing materials – helping you deliver a clear message to audiences.

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Is the show nearly over for your Series 1 DLP projector?

Is your first-generation DLP cinema projector coming to the end of its working life? Are you facing rising maintenance bills? Switch to Sony 4K and benefit from a huge improvement in picture quality plus lower running costs. With Sony Managed Services, moving to the latest 4K projection technology is easier and more affordable for cinemas of any size.

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