BRU-H700 (BRUH700)Discontinued

HD optical multiplex unit for BRC-H700P and BRC-Z700 robotic cameras

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Allows transmission of HD signal up to 1,000 metres
The BRU-H700 HD multi-mode optical multiplex unit is designed for use with the BRC-H700P HD 3 CCD robotic camera or BRC-Z700 HD 3 CMOS robotic camera (fitted with the BRBK-MF1 HD optical multiplex card). The combined use of this unit with the CCFC-M100HG optical fibre cable allows up to 1,000 metres (3,281 feet) transmission of camera images, external video sync signals and control signals via one cable.


Long-distance transmission via optical fibre cable for the BRC-H700P or BRC-Z700 HD robotic cameras
The BRU-H700 is equipped with a camera connector to allow the connection of multiplex optical fibre cable. You can connect the robotic cameras from up to 1,000 m (3,281 feet) away by inserting the BRBK-MF1HD optical multiplex card into the HD camera and using the CCFC-M100HG optical fibre cable.
Two interface card slots equipped
The BRU-H700 is equipped as standard with an RGB/component video output (D-sub 15-pin). In addition to this connector, two interface card slots allow the unit to be equipped with various analogue signal outputs such as composite video, S video, component video and RGB outputs, and digital signal outputs such as SD-SDI signal, HD-SDI signal, VESA standard signal (VGA, XGA and WXGA) and HDV standard signal outputs.
External sync signal input/output equipped
When multiple BRC-H700P or BRC-Z700 HD cameras are connected via the optical fibre cable, the video signal can be synchronised by inputting the sync signal into the external sync input connector.
Audio line output connectors (phono jacks, R/L) equipped
The BRU-H700 allows output of stereo audio line signals that are transmitted from the BRBK-H700 HD optical multiplex card inserted into the BRC-H700P or BRC-Z700 HD cameras.

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