User Guides: Monitor AutoWhite Adjustment V1.6

  • Versión: 1.6
  • 2019 M10 31, Thu

Monitor_AutoWhiteAdjustment is a PC software application for measuring and adjusting the color temperature and luminance of a monitor. It can be used with thirteen of the most popular color analyzer probes available on the market. Refer to the User Guide, Release Note and ReadMe files for further information.

i1Pro, i1Pro2 manufactured by X-Rite

CA-210, CA-310, and CA-410 manufactured by Konica Minolta

PM5639/06 manufactured by DK-Technologies

PR-655, PR670 manufactured by Photo Research

K10-A manufactured by Klein Optical Instruments

Specbos 1211, spectraval 1501, and spectraval 1511 manufactured by JETI

CR-250 manufactured by Colorimetry Research

Note: It is necessary to install the specified driver or software related to the probe.

This software is compatible with the following Sony professional monitors.

BVM series

BVM-HX310*1, BVM-X300*1, BVM-E251, BVM-E250, BVM-E250A, BVM-E171, BVM-E170, BVM-E170A, BVM-F250, BVM-F250A, BVM-F170, BVM-F170A

PVM series

PVM-X550*2, PVM-A250*1, PVM-A170*1, PVM-2541, PVM-2541A, PVM-1741, PVM-1741A, PVM-741, PVM-740

LMD series

LMD-A240*1, LMD-A220*1, LMD-A170*1, LMD-941W

*1 software version 1.1 or later

*2 software version 2.0 or later


The Sony professional monitors that are supported by V1.4 and that are not listed above can be calibrated by V1.4.  V1.4, V1.5 and V1.6 cannot be installed on a single PC.  When you replace to another version, you need to uninstall the existing one first. Existing version cannot be uninstalled automatically in the process of installing another version.

Supported OS:
Windows 8.1 or Windows 8.1 Pro (64-bit version)

Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Enterprise (64-bit version, Version1709 or later)

Intel Celeron 1 GHz or higher

2 GB or more

1,024 × 768 or more (High Color 16 bit or more)

USB port:
USB 2.0 or higher

Hard disk:
100 MB free space or more

Internet connection

.NET Framework 4.7.1 (Available from the Microsoft website)

The above computer environment does not guarantee correct operation on all computers or operating systems.

The following monitor is now supported.
BVM-HX310(Ver.1.1 or later) The firmware update is required when your BVM-HX310 has Ver.1.0. Please contact the Sony Sales or Sony Authorized dealers about details of this update.

Se aplica a:
BVM-HX310BVM-X300BVM-E251BVM-E250BVM-E250ABVM-E171BVM-E170BVM-E170ABVM-F250BVM-F250ABVM-F170BVM-F170APVM-X550PVM-A250PVM-A170PVM-2541PVM-2541APVM-1741PVM-1741APVM-741PVM-740LMD-A240LMD-A220LMD-A170LMD-941WBVM-X300 V2PVM-A250 v2.0PVM-A170 v2.0LMD-A240 v3.0LMD-A220 v3.0LMD-A170 v3.0
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