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Learning’s becoming more interactive. More immersive. More collaborative. At Sony we’re working with universities, colleges and schools to create richer, more rewarding educational experiences for today’s students and teaching staff.

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Group of schoolchildren working in a classroom. Many of them are using laptops and tablets. A boy and a girl are laughing at something on a tablet screen.

Classroom learning

Transform passive, dated teaching into exciting and engaging experiences. Our visual solutions for interactive lectures and active learning will spark students’ curiosity and involvement.

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Side view of a man waving at a laptop screen. He appears to be on a video call.

Distance learning

Inspire students remotely with our range of flexible learning solutions. Capture, stream and store lectures for live and on demand learning.

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Campus management

From bright, colourful signage to centralised management of presentation devices and room resources, our AV management tools help schools and universities streamline visual communications right across the campus.

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Media and content creation

Discover our powerful, easy-to-use cameras and complete educational solutions that enable a new generation of film, media and journalism students express their creative talent.

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Medical teaching and training

Our solutions for healthcare allow surgeons to capture and share live video images from the operating room, letting students and staff view complex procedures with unprecedented detail.

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Montage of various icons with "Loyalty Program" in the center with backdrop of a man in white button down shit with teal tie touching the Loyalty Program icon with index finger.

Loyalty Program and Dedicated Teams

To reward our loyal AV customers, our Loyalty Program provides deep discounts on combined total quantity purchases of BRAVIA Pro Displays, Laser Projectors, Remote Cameras, and Beamforming Mics, that can add up for one or multiple locations. We’ve also got you covered across North America with service programs, and dedicated teams of sales representatives and sales support engineers ready to schedule a virtual demo, or visit your facility to discuss your needs.

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