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Resources to Empower Your Vision

Sony’s Architects, Consultants & Engineers (ACE) Portal should be every consultant’s first stop when visiting our vast portfolio of Large Displays as well as Imaging and Analytics products and solutions. Whether you’re an architect, consultant, or an AV design engineer, this comprehensive portal was designed to maximize your time and productivity on-site, ensuring you acquire the technical feedback necessary to help you lead and provide the best solution for your opportunities. If your needs are for product technical information, resources, Building Information Modeling (BIM) content, case studies, white papers, or more—our goal is to provision and position you to win your projects.

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Man and woman looking at a large panoramic screen

Large Display Solutions

Make your vision a reality.  We bring your creative vision to life in the most realistic ways the eyes can see, evoking strong emotional connections to your messaging.  From our customizable Crystal LED walls, best-in-class projectors for the business and education settings and beyond, 4K long-life SXRD® laser projection systems that immerse audiences in unparalleled image quality, or our scalable ProBravia digital signage solutions—we make the final mile of content delivery look better than anyone in the industry.

People looking at a Crystal LED wall showing wild animals.
Crystal LED
CLED wall configuration demo
Crystal LED Configurator
View from inside a planetarium showing outer space.
White boardroom with clear glass walls and projector hanging from the ceiling.
Business Projectors
Waiting room of an office with large display on the back wall
A meeting taking place in a corporate office with a large display in the background
Pro BRAVIA Knowledge Center

Your one-stop Knowledge Center for BRAVIA Professional Displays.

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Close-up view of a projector lens
Projection Simulator

Easily simulate required throw distances, optional lenses, and available lens shift ranges.

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BIM Object logo
BIM Content Library
Stage with presenter and audience

Imaging and Analytics

Bring everyone together in your organization—and inspire every employee to share in your success. Our imaging and analytics solutions can turn one-way presentations into immersive, interactive collaboration sessions where everyone can contribute. As a world leader in imaging technologies, our full line of PTZ Cameras and award-winning AI-Based Edge Video Analytics can help ensure that your message and materials are seen with absolute clarity, while our latest advances in video analytics add an exciting new dimension to knowledge sharing. Through our innovative beamforming microphone solutions, we can also ensure your message is being captured and heard.

Network Cameras
Network Cameras
Beamforming mic MAS-A100 installed in a middle school classroom.
Beamforming Mic
Presenter using Edge Analytics technology for a presentation
Edge Analytics
Close up of BRC-X1000 lense
Lens Calculator
BIM Content Library
Cogs and gears being assembled together by multiple hands.

Consultant Solutions

Nurturing manufacturer partnerships is critical in working together to provide optimal solutions to win projects. Our goal is to provide you with the necessary tools and stories to help you position Sony’s expansive portfolio of corporate, education, and entertainment solutions as the winning strategy, and to leverage your relationship with Sony to instill a sense of trust, as an enduring business partner. By accessing our library of vertical applications, case studies, white papers, and knowledgebase, our customer testimonies become your assets in the case to specify Sony.

Man in business suit using a magnifying glass to look at a clipboard with some documents.
Case Studies

Discover how Sony products and solutions enable richer, more effective communications across the globe.

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Illustration of a document and a pen
Two people researching on a laptop and mobile device with stacks of books in the foreground.
Man sitting at desk looking at laptop screen.
Technology Webinars

View our recorded webinars featuring virtual product demos, tutorials, use cases, and more.

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