Digital Imaging solutions for data protection

Protect your digital assets with Sony’s in-camera technology.

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Benefits of Sony's Digital Imaging solutions for data protection

Data governance

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Cryptography and encryption

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Complete remote configuration

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Secure access controls

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Protect your assets with Sony technology

Sony’s in-camera forgery proof function allows for the detection and prevention of unauthorized editing through standard cryptography. Enable secure transfer and storage of your image data with remote controlled offloading through SDK. Compatibility across multiple operating systems, along with expert technical support, provide optimal versatility and adaptability to safeguard your digital images from fraud.

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Ensure data integrity and security

Create a secure process for data protection, starting with activating the signing mode, capturing the image, cryptographically signing it, then detecting any manipulation such as pixel modification, tampering or forgery, through examination by the customer’s own certificate server.

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Digital signatures available on the Alpha 7 IV camera

Detect and prevent unauthorized editing by relying on digital signatures processed at the point of capture. Eliminate misconduct around digital photo data and secure your images with Sony’s innovative and reliable in-camera function.

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