Mastering Camera Integration and Synchronization

March 23, 2023

Peris Digital enables production designers, VFX artists and costume designers to produce a variety of 3D digital garments and accessories. Peris was able to achieve seamless integration and synchronization of its cameras, resulting in exceptional image quality and highly accurate defect detection with Sony’s SDK.

How we helped

The challenge

  • Coordinating and synchronizing Peris’ 144 cameras used in the photogrammetry rig to generate 3D models, and ensuring that the lighting and software used in the process are seamlessly integrated to produce high-quality results
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The solution

  • Integrate Sony Alpha 7C and Alpha 7R IV into the rig with Sony’s SDK and assist Peris with initial development by offering help from the expert after-sales support
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The outcome

  • All cameras used in post-production were able to deliver the same quality standard and quickly scan objects to generate 3D models. With thorough support, the integration was seamless with minimal disruption to the workflow
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Sony played a critical role in camera integration into the rig, and the vital component of camera synchronization. Sony’s Camera Remote SDK is pivotal in delivering this; they provided best-in-class e-mount lenses that achieve crystal clear images needed for our work.

Peris Digital Team

Peris Digital's Photogrammetry Rig Powered by Sony's Camera Remote SDK

Peris Digital uses photogrammetry to create 3D models of garments by capturing images, synchronizing them with the computer equipment and then processing the images gathered to build a first raw 3D model. Sony’s SDK plays a crucial role in this workflow by assisting with the integration of cameras into the rig and the camera synchronization.

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Combine Sony's High Resolution Cameras with SDK

Peris Digital uses Sony Alpha 7C & Alpha 7R IV cameras in their photogrammetry operation to quickly scan objects and generate 3D models for post-production works. They also use Sony’s portfolio of lenses, primarily 85 mm F1.8, 50 mm and 135 mm G Master to help generate 3D models ready for post-production.

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Sony SDK Services

Develop an SDK application for a variety of cutting-edge Sony cameras to guarantee simultaneous image acquisition.

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