Map larger, map faster, map anywhere: Wingtra and Sony

The WingtraOne VTOL mapping drone is a leading UAV for fast and accurate surveying over large areas, serving end users and service providers working in surveying, GIS, mining, construction, infrastructure, and agriculture.

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The Challenge

  • The WingtraOne is the backbone of many operations, including notable projects in road construction, land management and urban planning – it requires high-tech imaging equipment in order to accommodate client drone requests
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The Solution

  • Wingtra employed the Sony RX1R II and Alpha 6100, which are able to collect high-resolution nadir images that can be processed onto orthomosiac maps, 3D models and many other digital twins of the environment
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The Outcome

  • The superior quality of Sony cameras allowed Wingtra to provide survey-grade accuracy down to 1 cm (0.4 in), which was previously only possible with terrestrial mapping devices
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It was important for Wingtra to find a camera that wouldn’t compromise aerodynamics. The lightweight Sony cameras provided this reassurance, and with smooth integration of the equipment, WingtraOne customers can operate both the camera and drone easily.

Wingtra Team

Faster flying time at higher resolution

Wingtra’s mapping specialist Andrea Nater went out with the new WingtraOne Gen II equipped with the Sony Alpha 6100 and flew 800 ha (1,980 ac) of the city center of Zurich, at a GSD of 3.1 cm (1.2 in) in just 6 flight hours. To cover this area this fast in this setting would have been impossible with any other drone, she suspects.

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Superb coverage and job time

WingtraOne’s maximum tested flight time with the Sony RX1R II and Alpha 6100 is 54 minutes. However, the flight time of any drone is influenced by many factors, so it will not be uniform throughout different missions. In any case, coverage and job time are determined by more factors than just flight time, namely flight speed and payload.

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