IP-based live streaming for real time consultation - Sony Pro

A leading healthcare provider in Saudi Arabia has installed Sony’s powerful, video-over-IP platform to stream real-time video content from two catheterization labs across the hospital campus.

How we helped

The Challenge

  • Doctors needed cath lab video content to be shared with other surgical staff — in real time and for later viewing
  • Medical students and staff needed to have access to medical content at an affiliated teaching hospital

The Solution

  • NUCLeUS video-over-IP platform was installed in two cardiac cath labs
  • Full HD video from imaging modalities and associated patient data can now be shared over the IP network

The Outcome

  • Surgeons and students can view fine details of intricate procedures in real time
  • Heads of department can support teams with clinical instructions with direct access to content
  • Video can also be recorded for later review

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Real-time distribution of content across campus

Established in 1956 to serve the people of Riyadh, King Saud Medical City (KSMC) is a 1,400-bed Ministry of Health tertiary hospital employing over 8,000 staff.

Sharing medical content within the campus—and beyond—was a challenge for KSMC. A particular requirement was the real-time distribution of video footage captured by x-ray equipment and other imaging modalities in the hospital’s two cardiac catheterization labs, which are used for diagnostic procedures and surgical interventions.

As well as enabling hospital doctors to view content on campus, KSMC also wished to transmit video remotely to conference rooms and lecture theaters at its affiliated teaching hospital.

Sony surgical display shows two views of the OR
Medical staff checks NUCLeUS interface on cath lab

Content captured in Full HD

To streamline the distribution and sharing of high-resolution video and other patient-related content, KSMC has installed Sony’s NUCLeUS video-over-IP platform in the two cath labs. In addition to fluoroscopy and digital X-ray diagnostic equipment, each cath lab is also equipped with endoscopy and ultrasound modalities alongside vital signs, anesthesia and other equipment. All sources are integrated with NUCLeUS, together with Full HD video feeds from Sony PTZ cameras, which provide a wide-area view of activity in each room.

Any source, any destination

Using the NUCLeUS system is simple. Using a touch screen, an operator in the cath lab can select any image source, routing it instantly—together with associated patient information—for viewing on displays in either lab. Similarly, content can be distributed as needed to networked screens at other locations including auditoriums and conference rooms at the neighboring teaching hospital. What’s more, video clips of procedures can be captured and stored for later review.

Since the implementation of NUCLeUS, medical students now have the opportunity to see fine details of intricate surgical interventions in real time with Full HD resolution. In addition, the hospital’s head of the department has a powerful resource to help support and direct clinical teams as required.