Sony Professional Healthcare Webinars

Our healthcare webinars provide key insights into the very latest healthcare technologies. Learn directly from our specialists about the latest features of our products and solutions. Healthcare staff and professionals such as surgical and ICU staff and hospital IT professionals will gain key insights, practical tips, and demonstrations that will help improve surgical imaging workflows across the OR and beyond.

All webinars are available in English.

Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions for the ICU | ON DEMAND
The global COVID-19 pandemic has triggered dramatic changes in how to care for high-risk patients while minimizing contact with clinical staff. As a result, Remote Patient Monitoring systems and methods have never been more important as they enable an all-new level of protection. Attend this webinar to learn how our Smart Imaging Solution NUCLeUS™ can be used to carry digitized video and other critical data such as the patient state to a central nurse's station—or anywhere in the hospital campus—at any time.
Revolutionize Robotic Surgery | ON DEMAND
Watch this informative webinar and learn how our 4K 3D medical displays and powerful NUCLeUS video-over-IP solution for Robotic Surgery can transform your OR workflow by allowing everyone to view robotic procedures in vivid 4K 3D. See how to enhance collaboration, training and education, contributing to better patient outcomes.
Cost-effective Video-over-IP system for ASC OR Integration | ON DEMAND
Watch this webinar for an in-depth overview of our NUCLeUS video-over-IP based solution designed for ASC and Sim lab integration and learn how ASCs and Sim labs can record video, still images, and vital patient information for access anywhere at any time with a standard web-based browser. You will also see how you can stream live procedures from the ASC to other clinicians for collaboration, training, and education.
Leading Technology for the OR | ON DEMAND
In these challenging times, learn how we are optimizing todays' ORs, making them more flexible and functional than ever before. Our NUCLeUS video-over-IP platform brings together different imaging devices no matter what the modality, making the operating room reconfigurable and efficient, based on standard IP network connections. All without requiring expensive network upgrades.
Challenges in Medical Education & Training Today | ON DEMAND
The pandemic has greatly shifted the paradigm of patient care and medical education. Distancing measures and infection control are driving the need for advanced telemedicine solutions in teaching facilities. Sony's NUCLeUS™ platform can make a decisive difference. NUCLeUS delivers unprecedented student access without physical presence or risk of infection. NUCLeUS brings the OR and other clinical spaces into the lecture hall, providing access to vital signs, patient data, and surgical video imaging while improving student visibility of minimally invasive procedures.