Surgical imaging solutions

Enhance your surgical imaging workflows

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We offer solutions that support a wide range of imaging workflows across hospitals—bringing greater efficiency and subsequently strengthening standards of patient care. From endoscopic imaging through to robotic surgery, see how we can enhance your surgical imaging workflows.

Robotic surgery

Discover how we can support your robotic surgical systems with our 4K 3D imaging workflows.

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Surgeons perform a procedure with robotic system and Sony medical displays
Surgeons look at Sony medical display while performing an endoscopic procedure


From image capture through to display and documentation—see how Sony can enhance your endoscopic and other types of minimally invasive imaging workflows.

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Webinar to unlock the potential of ​Sony's LMD-XH550MD

In this webinar, we will discuss how this state-of-the-art display revolutionizes healthcare applications.

A medical monitor on the background of surgeons in OR

Surgical microscopy

Discover our latest and most advanced high-dynamic-range imaging workflow for ophthalmology and heads-up surgery.

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Surgeon performs ophthalmology procedure