Synaptive selects Sony 55-inch (diag.) 4K medical monitor to partner robotic digital microscope

LMD-X550MD monitor gives surgical teams an immersive, high-contrast view of images captured in the operating room.

How we helped

The Challenge

  • Medical technology specialist Synaptive required monitor with superior resolution, color reproduction, and contrast
  • Small screen size limited clinical teams’ ability to participate effectively in surgical procedures

The Solution

  • LMD-X550MD 55-inch (diag.) 4K medical monitor partnered with Modus V robotic digital microscope system
  • Monitor positioned to give surgeon and OR team “heads-up” view of complex procedures

The Outcome

  • Large 55-inch (diag.) display gives immersive view of tissue
  • Richer viewing experience engages whole surgical team
  • More comfortable viewing position for neurosurgeons reduces fatigue while working

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55-inch (diag.) 4K surgical monitor.

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The Sony monitor provides the best combination of color, black levels, refresh rates, and 4K resolution. The size of the monitor also allows it to be viewed from several different positions, enabling everyone in the room to have the same view.

Brad Fernald
Director of Product Management, Synaptive Medical

Large 4K images assist surgical teams and trainees

Synaptive Medical is a global medical device and technology company specializing in neurosurgery and related disciplines. To partner its Modus V™ robotically controlled digital microscope system, Synaptic required a high-performance medical monitor to display surgical images with exceptional resolution, contrast, and natural color reproduction. Giving everyone in the operating room a “heads-up” view of intricate surgeries on a large screen, Modus V is also beneficial in medical education programs, helping trainees to understand and replicate complex procedures.

High contrast helps surgeons visualize tissues

Director of Product Management Brad Fernald explains why Synaptive chose the Sony LMD-X550MD 55-inch (diag.) 4K monitor: “Using the Modus V with Sony’s high contrast monitors allows for the visualization of tissue and structures and can help surgeons perform very complex and technically demanding procedures using smaller openings and less available light.”

More ergonomic workflow

“The quality of an image is fundamental for a surgeon because it gives the confidence to move and work the case with a better flow,” says Dr. Mitesh Shah, (MD, FAAN) Professor of Neurological Surgery for Indiana University’s School of Medicine. “With traditional microscopes, I was physically contorting myself or having to move the patient, which wasn’t comfortable or efficient. Using the Synaptive digital microscope and Sony 4K monitor, it’s a night-and-day difference in terms of the ergonomic flow in the OR. Using a robotic arm and working off a monitor allows me to be in a neutral, well-balanced position which I can maintain for longer periods of time without fatigue.”