Survey: Head in the clouds or gaining coverage?

Nevion survey: Cloud adoption a priority for only 27% of broadcasters despite its industry potential

89% of broadcasters still intend to adopt Cloud technologies in some form this year

A new survey of broadcasters across the world, undertaken on behalf of Nevion, a Sony Group Company and award-winning provider of virtualized media production solutions, has found that less than a third (27%) see cloud adoption as a priority, falling behind 5G technology (34%) for example. This is at odds with the almost 9 in 10 broadcasters (89%) intending to adopt Cloud technologies in the next year.

The survey, which polled 250 senior technology decision makers within the broadcast industry across 10 regions, did however highlight a growing appetite for the use of Cloud for specific applications, with nearly two thirds (63%) stating that they have already started applying it to post-production/file-based production.

However, concerns remain around the suitability of using Cloud for live production, with just under half (45%) having reservations about performance issues such as latency, with a further 40% citing security concerns. For some organizations, the need for a broader shift in thinking is perceived as a challenge, with 39% stating that a broadly conservative mindset toward Cloud within their company was the biggest barrier to adoption.

Despite this, the benefits of Cloud are still being recognized, and the future of Cloud for live product looks promising, with further statistics from the research discovering that over two-thirds (71%) of respondents believe that all-public Cloud environments for live production will be possible in the future.