Software: Catalyst Browse V1.2 (Win + Mac)

  • Version: 1
  • Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A powerful clip management for the latest portfolio of Sony camcorders and decks such as CineAlta, SR, XDCAM and NXCAM.
The complex world of media production requires powerful media management. Catalyst Browse, a cross-platform viewing and logging tool for all Sony Pro formats, offers streamlined media management that simplifies your workflow and secures your content.
Catalyst Browse is a cross-platform media assistant that lets you browse files from your device with detailed views of individual clips; see and edit media metadata; use source color space for accurate viewing, and view your media with color correction and color looks. Once you’ve selected the clips you need, you can copy them to a local device or cloud service, transcode to a variety of formats, and create, ingest, and export Sony Professional Disc clip lists. 
Catalyst Browse V1.2
1.) Added support for transcoding to XDCAM HD and HD422 formats.
2.) Added support for transcoding to long-GOP MPEG-2 formats.
3.) Added support for transcoding to SStP format.
4.) Added support for transcoding to XAVC Intra formats using the Sony XAVC encoder. Presets are now labeled to indicate whether they use the Sony or MainConcept encoder.
5.) Added 720p and 1080i presets for transcoding to XAVC format.
6.) Added 720p and 1080i presets for transcoding to Apple ProRes format (Mac only).
7.) Added support for transcoding clips between the mark in/out points of the source clip.
8.) Added support for copying a snapshot of the current frame to the clipboard.
9.) Added support for adding, deleting, and editing essence marks.
10.) Added support for sequentially previewing multiple selected clips.
11.) Added support for scaling the video preview in the Adjust Color workspace.
12.) Added support for HiDPI displays when running under Windows.
13.) When adding clips to a clip list, subclips now inherit title and description metadata from the source clip.
Catalyst Browse V1.1.1
1.) Added Japanese and Simplified Chinese language support.
2.) Fixed a bug that prevented some unsupported files from displaying their unsupported status correctly in the Video Preview (Mac only).
3.) Improved image quality for files transcoded to XAVC format.

Catalyst Browse V1.1
1.) Added a Vectorscope tool to the Adjust Color workspace.
2.) Added support for multifile transcoding when all source files use the same source settings.
3.) Added support for reading DNxHD clips.
4.) Added support to combine to one file when copying a spanned AVCHD clip.
5.) Added support for reading SD MPEG-2 clips.
6.) Added support for writing XDCAM EX clips to SxS memory cards.
7.) Added support for transcoding to interlaced XAVC formats.
8.) Added the Transcode button to the Adjust Color workspace.
9.) Added Brightness and Contrast sliders to the Adjust Color workspace.
10.) Added support for reading Apple ProRes 422 files (Mac only).
11.) Added support for showing source clips from the Media Browser. Select a file, click the File button at the bottom of the Media Browser, and choose Show in Finder (Mac)/Show in Explorer (Windows).
12.) Added support for showing additional metadata values in the Media Browser.
13.) Fixed a bug that could prevent color correction settings from being applied to all clips in a clip list.
Catalyst Browse V1.0.3
Fixed a bug that prevented the application from reading some files recorded by the PXW-FS7 camera.
Catalyst Browse V1.0.2
1.) Fixed a bug that could cause the application to crash when working with color management on systems running in certain non-US locales.
2.) Fixed a bug that prevented the application from installing correctly on some Windows computers.


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