Software: PMW-F55: Binary Package V7.10

  • Version: 170
  • Tuesday, July 5, 2016
IMPORTANT NOTE: The update procedure may differ depending upon the serial number of the F55/F5 camera. Please contact the Sony Service Centre and they will then provide the update procedures and required files. Some older versions of firmware will require a depot repair service to upgrade as they are NOT all customer upgradeable.

When emailing us, please supply:

1) Your name
2) Phone number (so we can call you if necessary)
3) Product model (F5 or F55)
4) Serial number (6 digit number)
5) Which firmware is currently installed
6) Whether CBK-55PD option is installed (Apple Pro Res)
7) Your country (so we can advise on closest Service Centre).

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<<Modification from V7.10 of F55 and F5>>  Bug Fix
When Shutter “Off” was selected on Sub Display, shutter setting was not controlled by Sub display. This has been fixed.
An incorrect gamma setting was set when a Scene File saved by V4.0 or earlier was loaded into F55/5 running V7.01. This has been fixed.
When an All File saved by V6.02 or earlier   was loaded on V7.01 F55/F5, Audio channels excepting CH1 were not embedded on HDMI output. This has been fixed.
When the CBK-55BK was attached and “STANDARD” was recalled on Scene File Menu, F55/F5 hanged up. This has been fixed.
If the 256GB SxS Memory Media storing an over 128GB clip it was not possible to be restored. This has been fixed.
When an SxS Memory media in a non-active slot was pulled off during recording in another media slot, recording error was occurred sometimes. This has been fixed.
When relay recording (XAVC 4K/QFHD+MPEG50 at 50p/60p) was operated between Slot A and B over three times, recording error was occurred. This has been fixed.


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