Simple Protocol enables third party software control over IP networks

The CNA-1 camera control network adaptor enables third party system products to control Sony system cameras over IP networks. Based on Simple Protocol “text” based command protocol, it makes it easy and quick to develop applications for the Sony system cameras without requiring complex programming.

This product contains pre-installed software and requires the purchase of license keys to activate some functions.


Converts Sony 700PTP protocol to Simple Protocol for easy control

CNA-1 can work as a protocol converter, translating Sony cameras’ original 700PTP protocol to and from Simple Protocol to allow the cameras to work easily with third party devices. The majority of functions of Sony camera control are included, with a few exceptions for the most complicated protocols.

Add additional cameras and products

The adaptor converts serial protocol to IP protocol, allowing non-network capability products to a network. If an additional camera chain is required, it can be connected via the CNA-1.

Network working with MSU software control

The CNA-1 can operate as the “master” module with the HZC-CSM10 PC-based Master Control Unit (MSU) software without needing a hardware MSU.

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