Cost effective lens mount adaptor from B4 mount to FZ mount
Image of the following product: LA-FZB1


Enables use of existing HD lenses for 4K production with PMW-F55 and PMW-F5

The LA-FZB1 lens mount adaptor increases the lens options for the PMW-F55 and PMW-F5 camcorders shooting 4K productions. The small and lightweight lens mount adaptor converts the lens mount format from B4 to FZ. It enables the use existing HD lens including HD BOX lens for Sports shooting, while maintaining good operational weight balance.

Small and lightweight

W91mm x H173.4mm x D96mm and weighs only 1Kg.


Mount lens adaptor from B4 to FZ mount for 4K/HD shooting

The LA-FZB1, operating with the PMW-F55 camcorder, allows you to convert the lens mount format from B4 to FZ including 12pin B4 lens connector. It enables you to use existing HD lens, including HD BOX lens for sports shooting.

Small and lightweight

The LA-FZB1 has small proportions (W91mm x H173.4mm x D96mm) and weighs only 1Kg, making it easy-to-handle and allowing you to maintain a good operational weight balance with the PMW-F55.