Single mode fiber kit

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Connects with the HDCE-200, HDTX-200 and HDFX-200 to provide long-distance transmission between HDC series camera and HDCU series Camera Control Unit (CCU)
The HKC-SM27 single mode fiber kit supports long-distance HD production with a single mode fiber cable, connecting the HDCE-200 camera extension adaptor or HDTX-200 digital triax to fiber camera converter and HDFX-200 digital triax to fiber CCU convertor.
Long-distance HD production
Long-distance transmission up to 10km over a single mode fiber cable to HDC series camera system.


Long-distance HD production up to 10km over single mode fiber
The HDCE-200 and HDTX-200 provide a long-distance transmission from HDC series camera to HDCU series Camera Control Unit (CCU) with a single mode fiber cable by installing HKC-SM27 optional SMF kit. At the CCU end, it is possible to connect a single mode fiber cable by using he HDFX-200 with HKC-SM27 optional SMF kit installed. The system works up to a maximum distance of 10km. The type of the single mode fiber connector on the HKC-SM27 is ST type.

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