VENICE supporting Full-Frame 6K 3:2 imager mode in the initial version 1.0

After the VENICE press release, Sony has received many feedbacks from the market place. We listened, and have decided to respond to a critical request to incorporate one of the Full-Frame license feature in the initial version 1.0, which was originally planned to be supported in version 2.0 (August 2018).

The feature that Sony will advance the implementation of is the Full-Frame 6K 3:2 Imager mode which utilizes the entire sensor area, and records as X-OCN*.

Please note that other Full-Frame features such as playback function of Full-Frame recorded clips, 6K Imager modes other than 3:2, etc, are supported at version 2.0 as planned.

*Sold separately AXS-R7 recorder is required.

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