Color Calibrator

Fine tune the color reproduction for your virtual production

Monitor with Color Calibrator GUI

Refine your colors for smarter virtual production

Calibrate the colors for your virtual production before you start to shoot, for more efficient shooting and less work in post- production. Solve LED color shifts in advance so you don’t need to deal with it on shoot days.

Achieve the exact colors you want, every time

Precise color reproduction can be challenging for virtual productions, creating unnecessary adjustments on-set and corrections at post production. Color Calibrator is a Windows 10 application which is specially tuned to our VENICE cinema camera, so you can ensure that the colors you visualize before the shoot day match the colors that will appear in your dailies.

Virtual production set with VENICE 2
Diagram showing workflow with Camera and Display Plugin reading color calibration information from VENICE and transferring via SDI to the Color Calibrator plugin to generate a LUT which can compensate for color mismatch.

User-friendly operation

Display the color calibration chart on your LED volume, using the Sony Onset Camera Component (found in our Camera and Display Plugin for Unreal Engine). Color Calibrator analyses and compares the calibration charts from within Unreal Engine and the image that the VENICE camera captures from the panels. It then automatically shows the difference with a graph and vector scope. Easily create and output a LUT correction, which is applied to Unreal Engine to adjust colors.