Touch Screen OverlaysDiscontinued

Touch Screen Overlays for 55", 65", and 75" (diag.) Professional Displays

TSA-55PB ( TSA55PB )$2,639.00 U.S. List Price
TSA-65PB ( TSA65PB )$3,099.00 U.S. List Price
TSA-75PB ( TSA75PB )$3,699.00 U.S. List Price


Add the power of touch
These slim, easy-fit overlays transform our Professional Displays* into interactive multi-touch screens that are ideal for meeting rooms, interactive signage, and information kiosks in corporate and educational applications.

Reliable, accurate IR touch technology ensures smooth, responsive operation with up to ten touch points. The overlay's tough anti-glare surface ensures optimum visibility, even in sunny environments.

TSA-55PB IR Touch Screen Overlays for 55" (diag.) displays
TSA-65PB IR Touch Screen Overlays for 65" (diag.) displays
TSA-75PB IR Touch Screen Overlays for 75" (diag.) displays

*Professional Display available separately


Engage audiences with a touch
Responsive, high-quality touchscreen overlay transforms your Professional Display (available separately) into a super-size touch-enabled interactive terminal.
Responsive, accurate multi-touch performance
Customers, staff, or visitors can interact with the touch-enabled display by finger or stylus. Up to ten multi-touch points ensure accurate, responsive performance across the entire display area.
To suit 55", 65", and 75" (diag.) screen sizes
Operation is guaranteed with compatible 55" (diag.) (TSA-55PB), 65" (diag.) (TSA-65PB) and 75" (diag.) (TSA-75PB) Sony Professional Displays.
Big audience appeal, low running costs
Powered by direct USB connection to a PC or server, the energy-efficient touch overlay keeps running costs down (display is powered separately).
Versatile OS support
Supports multiple operating systems (Linux, Windows, Android, Mac OS).
Looks great in every light
Tough 0.13" laminated glass with dual-sided TruVue AR coating to reduce glare for optimum visibility — even in sunny environments.
Quick, easy, and secure
Fuss-free installation allows deployment of your interactive touch screen solution in minutes. The overlay is secured by corner brackets and security screws to prevent theft.
More peace of mind
Touch Panel overlay includes a 2-year parts and labor warranty.