Ryan Leslie is a hit with the Sony DWX digital audio wireless system

The Sony DWX digital wireless system was selected to provide the highest sound quality for Ryan Leslie’s European sell-out tour.


Ryan Leslie, an American record producer, singer-songwriter and rapper from Washington DC hit the road to tour across some of the best live venues in Europe. Ryan Leslie’s mantra is \”I want to be the best,\” and as a result he expects his band, support team and the equipment he uses to be of the highest quality to deliver standout performances for his fans. Markus Lempsch, the Stage Manager for the tour, required an audio wireless system that would be both simple to assemble and durable when being transported across Europe.


The system had to be capable of supplying 1.000 capacity venues with the highest sound quality, without dropouts or signal interference between the wireless microphones and wireless guitar transmitters. The challenge was to select a wireless audio system that would provide the ultimate sound quality to suit the high standards of both Ryan and his fans across the tour.

Sony solution

Markus and his team received the Sony DWX digital wireless system during the final leg of the European tour. The system included two DWM-02N digital wireless microphones with interchangeable heads and two DWT-B01N digital wireless microphone belt-pack transmitters. In addition, the solution also included two DWR-R02D digital wireless receivers and two AN-01 uni-directional UHF antennas. The Sony solution enabled a connection via the two AN-01 uni-directional UHF antennas that come with two DWR-R02D digital wireless receivers. The receivers can then be attached to the back of the antenna outlets for ease of use.


Markus and his team were able to set up the system with ease, with the only operational task being to set the appropriate attenuation and frequencies for each microphone. The adaptability of the DWR-S02D digital wireless receivers meant the units could simply be fitted to a 19” rack unit without the requirement for additional adapters. The simple setup led to a smooth sound check during the course of the tour, without the need for additional alterations to the mics via a remote control function. The offstage receivers produced a perfect signal without the occurrence of sound and signal dropouts. The team was able to focus on the smooth running of the show without having to worry about issues such as the quality of the signal or diminishing battery life due to the high quality of the DWT-B01/E digital body pack transmitters.

During my shows I like to be able to perform knowing that I have the best and most reliable quality audio equipment available. Sony’s DWX digital wireless system lived up to my expectations and helped me to please the thousands of fans every night on my European tour.

Ryan Leslie

Why Sony were selected

Sony’s DWX digital wireless system provided exceptional sound quality with an easy and reliable setup. The signal was unaffected, with the performances sounding exactly like the guitar had been connected to a conventional high quality cable. Sony’s range of accessories, such as the bodypacks’ leather covers, enabled them to be attached to a guitar strap, belt or battery holder, which added to the functionality and seamlessness of the system. “The fears of first having to spend hours reading instruction manuals were unfounded. The Sony DWX digital wireless system was easy to set up and worked immediately. We didn’t need to change the settings on the mics with the remote control option, since we had enough time to set up everything before or during the sound check. Nevertheless the remote control option is an amazing tool, especially when you only have to carry out slight modifications throughout the performance.” Markus Lempsch, Ryan Leslie European Stage Manager. “Using the body pack for guitar worked fantastically. Wireless guitar transmitters have improved over the last 10 to 15 years, but the Sony solution proved again that it’s top-notch. The Sony DWTB-01 Digital Body-pack Transmitters definitely offers the fastest battery change ever on any wireless system that I’ve experienced. The mics sounded great too and the local technical and sound teams were surprised night after night.” Markus Lempsch, Ryan Leslie European Stage Manager “We are delighted that Ryan Leslie decided to use the Sony DWX system for the European “Less Is More” tour. Ryan is a fantastic artist and the links between himself and Sony in the US meant he chose to also use the Sony system while in Europe and we were very happy to support him in some great venues. Sony has over 40 years’ experience in this field and we are continuing to make exciting developments for live and recorded sound.” James Leach, Sony European Marketing Manager, Professional Audio

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