All the inside details on Sony’s stunning new 4K/Full-HD compact camcorder

What is the overall concept of the PXW-Z150?

PXW-Z150 is an affordable, high-quality 4K handy camcorder for broadcast and professional applications. It offers premium 4K image quality, 120-fps high-frame-rate continuous shooting in Full HD mode, a choice of recording formats including 100-Mbps XAVC Long, Wi-Fi network functions and a familiar, user-friendly interface. The Z150’s compact, lightweight chassis and exceptional power efficiency enable flexible shooting for a wide range of applications in almost any environment.

What is the target application of this model?

Compact camcorders with high image quality and advanced professional features, such as PXW-Z150, are used in many different applications, including events, documentaries, corporate videos, promotional videos, etc. It is also ideal for broadcasters who rely on an MPEG2 HD workflow with the included codec being beyond the EBU\’s HD specification.

Is this model a successor of an existing model?

This model is not positioned as a successor to any specific models. It takes advantage of several technical innovations, such as Exmor RS, to provide a new offering within the Sony professional lineup.

What's Z150's positioning within the XDCAM lineup?

The Z150’s size, performance and price place it between the PXW-X70 and PXW-X180/X160.

Is there any plan to sell worldwide? What is the timing of its sales in each area?

The Z150 is a global model which will ship at the end of March 2016, however the timing of its availability may vary according to region.

What are the key advantages of the 1.0-type Exmor RS CMOS Sensor?

The 1.0-type sensor is approximately the same size as a 16-mm film frame. The key benefits of this large size are low noise, reduced rolling shutter effect and less blur because more light reaches the sensor, offering clear and steady pictures even in a dark scene. The large sensor size also enables beautiful background defocusing (bokeh) to enable you to focus on what you want to show and defocus the rest of the image with spectacular 4K quality without binning. In addition, Exmor RS achieves faster data readout thanks to its stacked structure, which ensures Full HD 120-fps high-frame-rate continuous shooting at 30P.

Is the sensor of Z150 the same as that of X70?

No, they are different. X70 uses an Exmor R CMOS Sensor, while the Z150 is equipped with an Exmor RS CMOS Sensr, which delivers a considerably faster data readout because of its stacked structure.

Is the image quality of Z150 the same as X70?

Z150 achieves higher-quality shooting with less focal plane distortion thanks to the faster data readout of its Exmor RS sensor.

Is PXW-Z150's lens the same as that of HXR-NX100?

No, they are different. The lens structure is almost the same, but the Z150’s lens is optimized for 4K shooting. Also, the operability of Z150’s lens rings (zoom/focus ring) is better than NX100.

Does Clear Image Zoom support up to 2x magnification even in 4K shooting mode?

Clear Image Zoom supports up to 2x magnification in FHD mode, up to 1.5x in 4K mode.

What's the advantage of the XAVC format?

The XAVC Long format offered by the Z150 achieves high image quality with efficient storage requirements by using Sony’s advanced implementation of the MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 codec. Its 4:2:2 10-bit (Full HD mode) sampling process ensures granular gradation representation and high color reproducibility. The file format is professional standard MXF so that it can be easily used in any standard workflow, from a videographer working alone to a production environment sharing content across multiple users.

Is HDMI/SDI output possible during 4K recording?

Yes. SDI output is 3G/HD/SD while HDMI is v2.0 and can output up to 4K.

Will 4K 60p shooting be supported in the future?

Currently there are no plans to support 4K 60p.

What's possible with Wi-Fi?

Streaming, FTP and remote control are supported. QoS streaming will be supported by a future firmware update.

Is there a roadmap for additional features to be added via firmware?

The Z150 has been designed from the start to provide the absolute best performance for Full HD and 4K production scenarios. The Z150’s advanced networking capabilities will continue to be updated. Sony’s unique QoS technology dramatically improves the clarity that’s possible on a wireless connection, giving you better pictures even with the limitations of today’s real-world networks. QoS will initially require a firmware update and a PWS-100RX1 receiver.

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