4K videos

Watch real 4K footage from our 4K network cameras.

City surveillance with Sony 4K network cameras

Sony’s latest ultra-high sensitivity technology is revolutionizing the way we secure our cities. Ability to record in near pitch darkness with 4K resolution means enhanced security for docks, unlit parking lots, and alleyways.

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Traffic monitoring with Sony 4K network cameras

Keeping the traffic moving and identifying issues quickly and clearly has become imperative over the years. City streets are becoming busier, and the number of road rage incidents are on the rise. The intelligent coding on Sony’s 4K camera enables the viewer to monitor accidents in high definition so that they get a clear understanding of the situation quickly and efficiently.

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4K video surveillance for sports stadiums

Sadly, sports stadiums can naturally attract animosity especially in areas close to the venue itself – such as the parking lot. Multi-tracking from Sony can help security staff to keep a close eye on suspicious activity and groups of unruly people all at the same time. In addition, the cameras can monitor traffic flow out of the venue itself to make sure the venue is cleared quickly and efficiently.

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4K video surveillance for large venues

Large exhibition venues can hold huge crowds of people, moving at different paces. Priceless artifacts could also be on show, so it is imperative that security is tight. Intelligent coding enables the security team to monitor objects in high definition and keep an eye on the scene as a whole.

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