Bringing extraordinary sensitivity to 4K imaging

Inside the SNC-VM772R video security camera you’ll find a high-performance 4K Exmor R™ CMOS sensor, lens and image processor developed by Sony.

Together, they’re key to the extraordinary imaging performance of this ground-breaking 4K camera that achieves an unprecedented low light sensitivity of just 0.06 lx. This helps the SNC-VM772R capture excellent images that are beyond the reach of conventional 4K security cameras.

  • Crisp, clear, low-noise 4K color images, even in near darkness
  • Blur-less 4K video footage, even with moving objects
  • Sharply-focused 4K images, with both near and distant objects

Industry leading sensitivity: Count the benefits

Crisp, clear, low-noise 4K color images, even in near darkness

Thanks to its high sensitivity, the SNC-VM772R captures excellent 4K color images with extremely low noise even in near-dark conditions. There’s no need to boost the camera’s gain setting or use harsh noise reduction: low-light pictures are wonderfully crisp, clear, and natural. Typically, increasing camera gain amplifies video signals – making images look brighter when they’re viewed on a monitor. Higher gain makes objects easier to see, but it introduces random picture noise that degrades resolution and makes fine details hard to see. Cameras from other manufacturers often use harsh electronic noise reduction that makes resolution even worse, losing more precious detail.

Comparison of low light sensitivity with a competitor’s 4K camera.

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Blur-less 4K video footage, even with moving objects

The high-speed electronic shutter of the SNC-VM772R captures bright images without blur – even when the subject is moving in dark conditions. Conventional 4K cameras use a high-speed electronic shutter to reduce blur when shooting moving objects. However, a side effect of this short shutter speed is that the images look dark. The high sensitivity of the SNC-VM772R means that images are always clear and bright, even at high shutter speeds.

Sharply focused 4K images, with both near and distant objects

The SNC-VM772R can simultaneously capture crisp, sharply focused images of both near and far objects in the same scene. Narrowing the aperture of any lens increases depth of field, allowing the camera to capture sharply-focused images of near and distant objects. The downside of narrowing aperture is that the amount of light falling on the camera’s sensor is reduced, causing dark images as a side effect. But thanks to its high sensitivity, the SNC-VM772R can always capture clear, bright images – even when the aperture is reduced to boost depth of field.

Sony's 4K technologies for extraordinary sensitivity

Large back-illuminated image sensor

With any digital camera, bigger pixel size means a larger photo-sensitive area that can receive incoming light, resulting in higher sensitivity. But as resolution increases, a larger number of pixels in same sized sensor size means that each pixel size is smaller – and that results in lower sensitivity. The high pixel count of conventional 4K cameras means they typically offer poor low-light sensitivity, since their sensor size is same as those of lower-resolution Full HD cameras: and as a result the size of each pixel is small. However the SNC-VM772R offers much higher sensitivity than conventional 4K cameras thanks to its large 1.0-type image sensor. The SNC-VM772R features Sony’s Exmor R COMS sensor with a back-illuminated structure that maximizes the size of photo-sensing areas for each pixel. This roughly doubles sensitivity compared with other imagers using a conventional front-illuminated structure. In an ordinary sensor, metal wiring blocks a portion of incoming light from reaching the sensitive photo diodes. The Exmor R CMOS sensor uses a radically different design, placing the photo diode above the wiring to ensure that light reaches it without interruption, thus achieving higher sensitivity.

Mechanism of back-illuminated structure.

Mechanism of back-illuminated structure

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Bright, large-aperture zoom lens

The high sensitivity of the SNC-VM772R is further assisted by the advanced design of its bright zoom lens.

  • A large aperture (F1.8 at the wide end) maximizes the imaging capabilities of the camera’s 1.0-type Exmor CMOS sensor
  • Multiple aspherical lens elements, including a cemented aspherical lens that features Sony’s most-advanced manufacturing technology: this makes the lens unit more compact, while achieving high brightness and resolution
  • Sony’s unique multi-layered coating minimizes light reflections that cause ghosting and flare, ensuring high light transmittance and uncompromised image quality

Noise reduction technology by advance image processing

The SNC-VM772R adopts area-specific noise reduction technology that improves image quality, especially at high gain settings. This allows bright, high-resolution images with reduced noise – even in dark environments. This advanced noise reduction technology selectively divides the image into separate areas based on patterns such as edges, textures and evenly-colored areas like blue skies. Appropriate levels of noise reduction are then selectively supplied for each individual area.

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