Make Your Vision A Reality with the VPL-GTZ380

A montage of projection experiences
A front-facing image of the VPL-GTZ380 projector

Create your ultimate projection experience

With breathtakingly crisp and clear 4K images, unrivaled contrast ratio, and stunning image clarity and texture, discover how Sony’s advanced projection technology can make your vision a reality.

Breathtakingly crisp and clear 4K images in every setting

  • Native 4K resolution
  • Ultra-deep black levels
  • Quiet and compact
  • Full DCI-P3 color 
  • HDR support


A front view of the VPL-GTZ380 SXRD projector


Enliven lobby spaces with large-scale images and rich vibrant colors, or engage stakeholders with dynamic boardroom presentations.

Business people gathering in a corporate lobby hall


Immerse visitors in environments saturated in colorful moving images to create pleasurable shopping experiences.

A man purchasing a bag of goods in a store

Museums, Galleries, and Planetariums

Immerse your audience and create spectacular experiences worth revisiting with our latest projection technology.

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Children looking at fish and a whale in an aquarium


Look no further to take learning further and create a truly engaging 4K experience for your students.

Planets circling the Solar System

Flight Simulation

Expansive and realistic images bring incredible detail to terrain and atmospheric conditions for immersive training experiences and increased knowledge transfer.

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Pilot's chair in flight simulation mode

Command & Control

Bright and detailed images allow multiple people to visualize complex information from various data sources for detailed and accurate analysis and smart decision making in utilities, public transportation, emergency applications, and more.

Two pilots aviating with two planes flying ahead of them
The front page of our Ultimate Projection Solution brochure

Create your ultimate projection experience

Discover how our advanced projection technology can make your vision a reality today