Laser Projectors

Enjoy first-class image quality from our range of laser projectors. All are versatile, discreet, and reliable with a long-lasting light source, and you will find one that's perfect for every environment — from offices, classrooms, hotels, museums, showrooms, attractions to simulation applications.

Lamp and laser projection compared

Conventional lamp-based projection is still a great choice, and now it’s joined by the latest projectors with a long-lasting laser light source.

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Laser and LED projectors explained

Projectors traditionally used a lamp as their light source, but now there are some newer options, including Sony’s range of bright, reliable laser projectors.

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Ten bright reasons to switch to laser projection

Our bright, reliable laser projectors are great for businesses, universities, colleges, and visitor attractions, with spectacular picture quality, flexible operation and up to 20,000 hours of operation.

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