LED Walls

Our LED Walls feature Crystal LED, our ultrafine micro-LED technology, to create super-size LED video displays. Tile multiple bezel-free displays to create giant LED video walls of virtually any size or aspect ratio.

Crystal LED: C-series and B-series

Discover our large-scale Micro LED displays and video walls and create extraordinary visual experiences of any size and scale.

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LED Walls for Video Production

Create stunningly realistic virtual sets that replace physical filming locations with Sony’s LED Walls.

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Crystal LED

Experience the ultimate picture with spectacular brightness, vivid colors and extraordinary contrast with sparkling highlights and deep blacks.

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A couple stand in front of a Crystal LED screen with an image of a woman covered in paint on it

Digital Media Production Center

Discover our market-leading, hands-on cinematography training classes at our Digital Media Production Center in Los Angeles. 

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LED Video Walls for Manufacturing and Automotive

Sony’s innovative Crystal LED Display System is the compelling choice for large-scale CGI visualization applications.

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An image of a large Crystal LED display showing an image of a car
An image of a woman surrounded by flowers alongside a Crystal LED screen

LED Video Walls for Visitor Attractions

Super-size Crystal LED displays captivate visitor attraction guests with very high brightness, awe-inspiring contrast and unforgettable color.

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