A7 Digital Black and White Thermal Printer
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Light, compact and easy to integrate, the UP-D711MD monochrome digital graphic printer allows medical professionals to produce high-quality hard copies of ultrasound scans.

With a footprint of 140(W) × 70(H) mm and weighing just 1kg, the A7-size printer reflects latest industry trends towards size reduction of medical systems.

The UP-D711MD is ideal for installation in clinical environments where space is limited or easy portability is required. Printing on easily-replaceable roll paper, it assures extremely high image quality to assist with clear, accurate analysis and interpretation of ultrasound scans.

Drawing on more than two decades of experience in medical printing, the UP-D711MD shares the image quality, economy and reliability that are hallmarks of other printers in the Sony range.


Compact, space-saving design for easy installation

Dimensions of just 140 (W) × 70 (H) × 125 (D) mm and a weight of just 1kg give greater installation freedom in a wide range of medical environments. Recessed space for cable connectors simplifies installation, even in tight spaces where access is limited.

High quality imaging

Proven thermal printing technology by Sony assures high quality monochrome prints with a resolution of approximately 300 dpi and 8-bit (256 levels) processing.

DC input

The printer is powered directly from a connected ultrasound system’s 12-24V DC source, eliminating the need for additional AC outlets.

Energy efficient design with low power consumption

Energy consumption during printing and in standby is reduced by more than 50% compared with the previous model (UP-D897) – reducing power supply requirements in medical installations.

Choice of print media

Choose the most appropriate printing media for your needs. UPP-84HG High Glossy Printing Paper assures premium, near-photographic quality results. Reduce operating costs with UPP-84S High Quality Printing Paper that delivers excellent image quality at affordable cost.

Fast, easy paper loading

Open the paper door and drop in a new paper roll. Then simply close the door, and the printer’s ready to use in moments.

Choice of print modes

Select from a choice of print sizes including 4:3 aspect ratio and panoramic 3:1 images that are ideal for dental applications. Print modes (including image orientation and reverse printing) can be set easily in the printer driver menu. Paper saving mode reduces media consumption when printing multiple images.

Image resize

Image data can be automatically enlarged to fit a preset printing area, reducing data transfer times with small image file sizes.

Print information

Print information – including contrast, brightness, gamma and sharpness information – can be optionally added above each printed image.

Compliance with medical standards

This product is distributed to the US and EU as a medical device and satisfies product safety standards (e.g. IEC 60601-1).
For more details, please contact your nearest Sony sales office or an authorized dealer.


Printing Method
Direct thermal printing
300.6 dpi
8 bits (256 levels) processing
Picture elements
2,688 x 896 dots
Picture area (max)
75.7 x 227.1 mm (3 x 9 inch)
Paper size
UPP-84HG: 84 mm x 12.5 m (3 1/2 inch x 41 ft)
UPP-84S: 84 mm x 13.5 m (3 1/2 inch x 44 ft 3 inch)
Printing time
Approx 5 sec / 896 x 1,196 dots (High speed print mode)
Approx 8 sec / 896 x 1,196 dots (Normal speed print mode)
Picture memory
One full size image : 2,688 x 896 x 8 (bit)
Full speed USB
Printer driver software
Windows XP 32/64 bit, Vista 32/64 bit, 7 32/64 bit, 8 32/64 bit, 10 32/64 bit
Power requirements
DC 12 V to 24 V
Input current
6 A to 3 A
Operating temperature
5°C to 35°C (41°F to 95°F)
Operating humidity
20% to 80% (non condensing)
Storage and transport temperature
-40°C to +60°C (-40°F to +140°F)
Storage and transport humidity
20% ~ 80%
Dimensions (W x H x D)
140 × 70 × 125 mm (5 5/8 × 2 7/8 × 5 inches) Not incl. projecting parts
1Kg (2 lb 3 1/4 oz)
Supplied Accessories
Thermal head cleaning sheet (1), CD-ROM (1), Before using this printer (1)

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