Optical Disc Archive PetaSite EX Solution

Scalable Archive Solution for Data Centers.

The Secure Way to Archive and Preserve Your Data

The amount of data that is produced and must be retained is growing at an unprecedented rate. This includes many types of data such as medical, seismic research, sensor information, document images, movies, and more. And these huge amounts of data must be retained for extended periods of time. PetaSite EX Solution can provide the best data archive solution using larger capacity Optical Disc Archive (ODA) Technology. The highly reliable and efficient WORM media is the best way to protect your data with safe, long-term storage.

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Please note that this solution is under development and that specifications, features, and design may change. Contact us for more information.

What is PetaSite EX Solution?

PetaSite EX Solution is a scalable enterprise class archive solution built on Sony’s latest Generation 3 Optical Disc Archive (ODA) drive and media technology. WORM Optical Disc Archive cartridge and drives are integrated into advanced library robotics, supporting industry-standard S3 connectivity and Web/ReST management software, and provide a secure platform for archives, cold storage repositories, and digital data preservation initiatives.

Note: The system information in this section is still under development. Specifications, features, and designs are subject to change without notice.

Benefits of the Optical Disc Archive

High Capacity

Scale up to 50 PB* per library. Scale out to Multi-Library, Multi-Cluster configurations for unlimited archive capacity.

*Actual capacity may vary based on customer infrastructure.    

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Cost competitive with HDD and Tape. Low energy and cooling requirements.

High-Speed Transfer Rate

High-speed 8 ch enterprise optical drive. 187.5 MB/s average write performance*. 375MB/s read performance.* Write/Read up to 1PB/day per library.

*Optical Disc Archive Generation 3

Over 100-Year Lifespan

The ISO-based accelerated media life test proves over 100 years of ODA media shelf life*.

*Optical Disc Archive Generations 2 and 3. Using internal tests referring to the
ISO/IEC16963 method.


Durable and resilient in a wide range of environment conditions. No data loss due to EMP, X-Ray, or
water submersion.


Don’t risk your business on failure-prone hard drives. ODA protects your data with more than a 100-year media lifespan.

Standard Interfaces

S3 for Data Access and REST API for System Management.

Multi-Generation Media Compatibility

Eliminates costly data migration cycles. Future-proof technology investment.

Scalable and Flexible

PetaSite EX solution provides a highly scalable solution with advanced data integrity for both Put and Get operations.

Erasure coding can be configured to provide a redundant data structure across 4 or 8 media. This technique enhances performance while protecting against media, drive, and robotics failure. Scale up within a single library starting from 4.7 PB to 50 PB*, or scale out with a cluster option to provide additional capacity.

*The usable capacity may be less than the maximum capacity.

Safe and Secure

Native Write Once, Read Many (WORM) drive and media technology provides physical media and data security to meet international regulatory compliance requirements, along with ransomware protection.  Advanced security features include:

  • Encryption
  • “On The Fly” Verification
  • Fixity Check

Scalable high-capacity data storage solutions

Approx. 4.76 PB

Base System of Master Module. Start small and scale up.

Approx. 50 PB

Single Library of maximum capacity.

Approx. 50 PB x N

Scale Out Multiple Library. Single/Multiple Namespace.

Optical Disc Archive PetaSite EX Solution

The Enterprise Archive Gateway (EAG) software provides S3 data optimized for this new generation of Optical Libraries and Media, specifically to address Cold Archive requirements. The full featured and standardized interface provides seamless integration with existing applications and infrastructure, including Cloud and Hybrid configurations.

The Enterprise Management Platform (EMP) Solution Dashboard provides programmatic library information and control as well as Object Store information.


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Optical Disc Archive PetaSite EX Configurations

Minimum Configuration Maximum Configuration
Master Module (*1)11
Cartridge Extension Module010
Drive Extension Module03
Width/Height/Depth4.33 ft
6.5 ft
3.94 ft
35.01 ft
6.5 ft
3.94 ft
Weight (*2)1,203.72 lb
(1,973.14 lb)
49,709.156 lb
(17,132.12 lb)
Number of DrivesUp to 14Up to 84
Number of CartridgesUp to 866Up to 9,176
I/O Ports216
Transfer Rate (*3)Read: up to 5.25 GB/s

Write: up to 2.625 GB/s
Read: up to 31.5 GB/s

Write: up to 15.75 GB/s
Capacity (*4)4.76 PBUp to 50 PB

*1: Master module includes cartridge carrier robot

*2: The value within () is the weight including full drives and cartridges

*3: Maximum transfer rate of 1 drive x maximum number of drives (ODS-D380 FE)

*4: The usable capacity may be less than the maximum capacity.

Note: The features, specifications, and design are subject to change without notice.

Hardware Overview

*1: Excluding protrusions.

*2: The weight refers to the module only and does not include the cartridge, drive, etc.

*3: The power consumption refers to the module only and does not include the cartridge, drive, etc.