Powering Cinematography

VENICE is a cinema camera created by and for cinematographers. It’s equipped with a powerful full-frame image sensor, pushing the boundaries of large-format image capture with exceptional picture quality and breathtaking color science. The PXW-FX9 camcorder allows film and documentary makers to realize beautiful 4K imagery with the creative freedom made possible by oversampling a huge high-resolution full-frame sensor.

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The Challenge

Filmmakers demand fresh creative tools to expand the possibilities for visual storytelling — plus the flexibility, convenience and cost savings of all-digital workflow.

The Sony difference

Sony offers a choice of cinema cameras offering unparalleled picture quality and esthetic options to suit every project, from low-budget indie productions and documentaries to features, commercials and streaming series.

The Benefits

Cinematographers can capture exquisite images with unprecedented depth and color, supported by extensive shooting options to fully realize their creative vision. 

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Discover the Directors of Photography using Sony

We are showcasing a selection of Directors of Photography who have chosen to film with Sony cameras. Passionate about how they capture and create visual content, they share why they have selected our cinema cameras created by and for the cinematographer. In this video, Rodrigo Prieto talks about his passion for filmmaking.

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External 4K RAW portable memory recorder from VENICE motion picture camera system.

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Versatile motion picture camera system with 6K 3:2 (full frame) sensor, S35 options, internal NDs, and phenomenal color science.

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6K full-frame sensor camera that oversamples for 4K 60p/50p recording, Fast Hybrid AF, Eye AF, Dual Base ISO and S-Cinetone™ color science.

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Extension unit for FX9 adds advanced networking, wireless audio support and 4K 16-bit RAW output to an external recorder.

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