Digital signage solutions with BRAVIA

It's quick and simple to create attractive, eye-catching digital signage solutions for retail stores, visitor attractions, transport networks, and corporate environments with our BRAVIA Professional Displays

BRAVIA display showing a red car

Quality that attracts: 4K Digital signage made simple

The message is clear: It’s easy to create colorful, eye-catching digital signage with our stunning BRAVIA Professional Displays.

From retail stores, supermarkets and car showrooms to hotels, restaurants, visitor attractions and transport hubs, BRAVIA is your choice for stunning images packed with 4K detail and rich, vivid color. There’s a choice of slim, stylish displays from 43 inches (diag.) right up to 85 inches (diag.) that are sure to turn heads in any setting.

Superb images that grab customers' attention

BRAVIA Professional Displays get your message across with even more impact. Sony’s powerful 4K HDR Processor X1 reproduces the finest details, making text and graphics — like maps and menus — sharper and easier to read. TRILUMINOS Display technology faithfully reproduces a wider range of rich, vivid colors. And with 4K HDR and X-tended Dynamic Range™ PRO, your audience will enjoy punchy, high-contrast images with an extended range of brightness levels, from sparkling highlights to deep, dark blacks.

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The reliable choice

The energy-efficient design of BRAVIA Professional Displays helps keep your operating costs down. And the exceptional reliability of BRAVIA gives you extra peace of mind, reducing unplanned maintenance and minimizing costly downtime.

BRAVIA professional display used as digital signage to show time, news, and information in a shopping center
BRAVIA professional display hung vertically at the back of an office

Easy to use

It’s so easy to create eye-catching digital signage with BRAVIA Professional Displays. Better still, there’s no need to invest in costly set-top boxes or extra peripheral devices to drive each screen, thanks to our built-in HTML5 player. Just slip in a USB flash drive with your media files, and you’re all ready to go. Or connect BRAVIA to your network and distribute content from a central server — or the cloud — to as many screens as you wish.

Flexible and readily scalable

BRAVIA Professional Displays offer a totally flexible digital signage solution that grows readily with your needs. Use BRAVIA standalone as an easy-to-implement single-screen solution. As your ambitions — and your business — expand, build a cost-effective, easy-to-manage network with as many screens as you need. It’s simple to create great-looking digital signage with our easy-to-use software. And we can help you host your content off-premises with a range of partner cloud services.

BRAVIA professional display used in a furniture store
BRAVIA professional display used in a kitchen showroom

Friendly, versatile software

There’s a choice of software packages from Sony to satisfy your digital signage needs, from single-screen applications to large-scale networked environments. Simple Media Player 2: Is an easy-to-use standalone signage player application, allowing you to display video, photos and HTML5 content directly from a connected USB drive. It’s quick and intuitive to set up screens, edit and preview playlists using the BRAVIA display’s remote controller. BRAVIA Signage: Simplifies management and distribution of signage content across multiple networked BRAVIA displays. Group displays, schedule content playout and more — everything’s included with this highly flexible package.

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